Race Leadership Equipment

Race        Item                                         Slot        Stats
Cromagnon  |The magical nosebone of Gam'Ba'La           |nose       |
Drow       |The Scabbard of Darkness                    |scabbard   |
Dwarf      |Glowing sacred Symbol of Ale               |chest      |8con, 5wis, 8hpr
Elf        |Elvania's platinum ear                      |left ear   |5con, 7wis, 4spr
Ent        |Mallorn headband                            |brow       |
Faerie     |The tiny magical dust pouch of Faeries      |pouch      |
Gargoyle   |Krishin's stone earrings                    |ears       |4con, 6int, 6spr
Giant      |Paul Punyon's blue drudge-beast collar      |collar     |
Gnome      |Thinking cap                                |cap        |
Goblin     |Abraxas's earring                           |left ear   |
Grorrark   |The mystical teeth pendant Morak            |pendant    |
Halfelf    |The Tiara of Duality                        |tiara      |
Hobbit     |Old Toby's briar pipe                       |           |
Human      |The imperial Great Seal                     |locket     |
Kobold     |Kobolds' magical slime ball                 |belt pouch |
Leprechaun |Leprechaun bright feather                   |hat band   |3dex
Lizardman  |The adamantium tailspike of the lizard King |tail       |
Mindflayer |Dark Eye of the Underworld                  |brow       |
Minotaur   |Morabtha's nosering                         |nose       |
Ogier      |Talisman of Growing                         |talisman   |
Phoenix    |Firedrake's Fire Opal                       |beak       |
Snakeman   |Selene's magical scale                      |brow       |
Thrikhren  |The powerful golden mandibles of G'Tak      |epaulettes |
Troll      |The Quicksilver Eye                         |right eye  | 10con, fire resist, phys resist
Vampire    |Fang of Nosferatu                           |fang       |
Vinnipier  |Glowing armband of Deirdre                  |           |
Xorn       |Xorzan's Red Scale Hide                     |scales     |

Last updated: 12/04/04