Information on TankCon


  Tank (and those that put up beer money)


  July 9-11, 1999


  Evansville, Indiana, USA - Tank place and Uno's apartment


  Uno's band played on Friday night
  People crashed Tank's party for us that night
  Lots of mud discussion
  Hours of enjoyment watching cops get ran over and mugging people
    in Grand Theft Auto and in playing Iron Blood for the PSX
  Going to eat at Shoney's, another morning at Denny's
  Watching people get drunk and make fools of themselves
  Essentially, it was your typical MUDCon fare...

Who was there:

  Biorn, Bremen, Dalak, Dirk, Grendel, Ksarul, Nitemare,
  Pasqualli, Pavilion, Phire, Pollux, Psycho, Qalor, Shiva,
  Tank, Uno, Warsong, Wildchild, Zaxon, as well as Crackfiend,
  Redball, Talibah from BatMUD