As Fizgig put it on her page...
The Weekend in HELL!

Well, the pics are up - now for the tales that we can tell about how
much fun we had this weekend. I can't speak for the rest of the guys (and
gal), seeing as how we were all together only on Sunday, but here are
some of the news posts that were made to the MUD afterward.

Wildchild's news post about Sunday:
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| Time: Mon Jul  5 10:10:54 1999                                       | |
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I'd like to praise everybody for the great time we had yesterday...
after those bastards Nitemare and Biorn finally decided to come back
and pick me up (damn crackheads).
Abneon gets a praise for getting the boat, and getting thrown off
the tube. That ruled. Oh, he paid for dinner too :)
Bremen, for being in the right place at the right time to get shoved
into the lake off a dock *grins evilly*
Pavs & Dirk for coming up to Abneon's as well.

Nitemare and Biorn don't deserve any praise since those bastards
forgot me that morning. But they've got stories to tell :)

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Pavilion's post in news about the weekend:
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| Time: Mon Jul  5 10:45:08 1999                                       | |
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Highlights from Dirk, Bremen and my trip to Iowa. Probably all location
jokes, but at least those there can appreciate it.

Driving through the Centerville, Iowa: population 7500, 152 alive.
(town had the biggest fricking cemetary and a very psycho happy face

"That's my haa...AAAAAAT!" - Dirk as he and ABneon are flung upwards in
the Space Shot at Adventurland.

Bremen and me getting totally drinched on the log ride.

"Wanna sit here?" - A cute blondie asking ABneon to join her and her
friend at their table at Perkins - The dolt didn't take up her offer.

"That is fitting since you look a lot like a Hanson" - Dirk to Nitemare
after he sung us a little

Mmmmm - BOP! (and he does look like the long-
lost freakish older Hanson boy.. ya know, the one they keep in the

Nitemare bumping his head.

"Pick me up!" - Nitemare's little sister (I think) asking Nitemare to
fling her around (ok, perhaps it was the female in me that found this
adorable.. and of course, he flung her over his shoulder. Gotta love
a man that listens to women =-)

"I don't need sunscreen." - ABneon turning down my offer for sun block,
a few hours before turning into a lobster.

Nitemare bumping his head again.

"It is illegal to wear shorts in Sweden!" - Biorn trying to get out
of going into the lake (ABneon offered him some shorts to swim in).

Catching air on the speed boat and watching Dirk go flying.

"Yeah" - Biorn's response when asked if he was having fun playing in
the lake ;) (only took 45 minutes of coaxing to get him in there).

Nitemare bumping his head yet again.

Figuring out ways to get level 40 newbies out of Wildchild's castle
so he can wiz.

"I am going to adopt him" - Bremen about Nitemare.

Of course, talking about the mud (all I heard was "buzzz buzz buzzzz
*bitch* buzzzz buzz buzzzzzzz *bitch* lava mages buzzz buzzzzzz no
parties buzzz buzzzzzzz buzz *bitch*)

"It was glued!" - Nitemare after attempting to steal the Darth Maul
poster from Pizza Hut.

Nitemare bumping his head.

Wildchild and Biorn cuddled up in the back of ABneon's truck.

"Natural selection at work" - Me watching the cousins, Nitemare and
ABneon, light off firecrackers of unknown function while holding them
and standing next to ABneon's truck.. in a cemetary.

"Let's dump the Swede", "We'll just unload the Swede", "They can have
the Swede", "We could leave the Swede".....

..and the best of all "Hey, want a Swede? He comes with a box!" -
Nitemare trying to get rid of Biorn.. and you all MUST insist that he
tells the full story.

"I touch my p-p-penis?" - Biorn

Thanks to all of you guys for a rocking time. It was a blast meeting
you and anyone who is not thinking about going to the cons to meet
these animals is nuts.
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Abneon's post about the weekend:
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| Time: Mon Jul  5 13:12:22 1999                                       | |
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I just want to take this time to thank Pavilion,Dirk,
Bremen,Nitemare,Biorn, and Wildchild. This weekend was one of the
best I have ever had. Sat my birthday, with pavs,dirk, and bre was
the greatest. I have not had so much fun in a long time. I really
appereicate it. Then on sunday I have not laughed that hard ever.
These people are true friends (even though sometimes this weekend I
was questioning my self why I was with them:>P). Again, thanks to
you all for a wonderful birthday and a Wonderful weekend. It was
only the first of many I hope:>)
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The first part of Biorn's "view of things":
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| Time: Mon Jul  5 23:12:57 1999                                       | |
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Ok, this is the story from me and Nitemare...
First, it all started one night after Nitemare got off of work, he and
a few friends went around, found this box, and tried to sell it for 3-4
hours, if you read Zane's plan, you know what that's about.
Ok, here is the what happened on the fourth.
First, me and Nitemare stayed up all night playing computers and
demanding stuff from eachother when we were only 15 feet apart..
(Nothing sexual, just Twinkies and Mt. Dew mostly) Then at about 11
a.m., we went to Abneon's, forgetting Wildchild at his house which was
probably one of the highlights of the day. We got to Abneon's about
11:30, went inside and I almost got ate by a dog. (I think that dog was
of the devil)
And then we went upstairs to find Bremend and Abneon awfully close on
the couch (Kinda cuddled up in one corner) and Pavilion and Dirk on the
floor. They were watching some 80's movie, and you all know how I
loooove 80's stuff.

Then we all took rides on Abneon's motorcycle, and Nitemare drove
Abneon's truck, (Which I found out later that while driving it he hit 2
old ladies and a big dog) Then when we were all back at Abneon's house,
Pavilion got on the mud and listened to Wildchild whine about how we
forgot him.
Then we went over to Nitemare and Abneon's uncle Mike's house, ate a
quick meal of raw hamburgers and generic cheeto's. Then Me, Nitemare
and Bremen left to go get Wildchild so he would stop crying. When we
got there, we told Wildchild that Bremen was Dirk, and he believed it
but later on when we told him we were lying, he acted like he knew it
the whole time.
(He's weird)
And while this was going on, Abneon and the rest of them were getting
Abneon's friend up to get the boat out to a lake to go "boating".
But when Me, Nitemare, Bremen, and Wildchild got to the dock, we waited
on them for awhile, then they eventually got there, and they all got
the plan to, "Get the Swede wet", Bremen picked me up, dragged me
around the dock for awhile and sat me down after I screamed enough,
then Abneon and Nitemare got this plan to get Bremen in the water
which actually turned on them and got them in, and while Bremen was
standing there laughing, Wildchild came up from behind, grabbed his
ass and Bremen was so frightened at that point, he actually "Jumped"
in the water willingly. Then Abneon's friend came with the boat, and
me, Nitemare, and Bremen went to the beach while the others got on the
boat, I mean, if we would've all gotten on there and been caught with
that many, I would've been deported for sure.
The trip to the beach was an unexpected long one, Nitemare hadn't been
there in awhile, and either misunderstood Abneon's directions, or heard
them right and Abneon was just trying to get rid of us all.
We drove around, I fell asleep after awhile, even though we were going
100+ with Nitemare's driving and his crazed look in his eyes.
We got to the beach, and Bremen and Nitemare tried to convince me to
get in the water. But since it's illegal to wear shorts in Sweden, I
forgot to bring any when I came to America, so I was wearing pants,
and swimming with pants is for bungholes.
Then Nitemare and Bremen dragged me into the water after laughing at a
4 year old girl who tripped over her sand castle, destroying it
completely. After 5 minutes of them two pointing and laughing at her,
they got me into the water which I found amazingly pleasant on a hot

After me, Nitemare, and Bremen trying to stand on the big yellow
floating tube for 2 hours, (Dirk was also trying this, but wasn't the
pro that me and Nitemare became) we left the beach.

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