Islands of Myth Quests

Quest Name Quest Type Recommended Reward  
Avenge Players Death Solo any 1
Start location: none provided
HINT: Avenge the death of a fellow player
Avert Orc Invasion Solo Midbie 0-5
Start location: Orc castle (Darkcaverns)
HINT: Travel to the gloomy fort carved from a mountain. Find
      and help the elves inside carry out a vital task.
Banish Jesrael Party Highbie 0-20
Start location: South Twin Islands
HINT: Lord Jesrael has been gathering a large army of demons
      on South Twin Islands in preperation of an invasion of
      the islands. Seek out and banish Jesrael before he can
      unleash his terror upon us.
Blackavar Quest Solo >20 0-2
Start location: Queen Vrille (Blackavar)
HINT: Return the Prince Forrester to his mother Queen Vrille
Defeat Zatea Party Highbie 0-10
Start location: The pales (Darkcaverns)
HINT: Help the old adventurer Adrian on Darkcavern isle to
      locate his son
Destroy Schizomycetes Party Highbie 0-20
Start location: Sslaath (mists)
HINT: Find Sslaath and help him Destroy Schizomycetes.  This
      is a highbie party oriented quest.  Newbies stay away!!
Destroy Tiamat Party Highbie 0-20
Start location: The library in Aquilonia
HINT: Currently disabled
Discover Mermaid City Either Any 1
Start location: not provided
HINT: Hidden deep within the waters of the Twin Islands is
      rumored to be a lost city of mermaids. Discover the
      mermaid city with your own eyes and enjoy the wonders
      that this civilization has to offer. The castaway who
      first discovered the mermaid city has details on the
      city's whereabouts.
Discover Nimrodel Solo Newbie 0-2
Start location: Lothlorien (Hyboria)
HINT: Nimrodel has gone missing.  Help her son find her
Discover the Dreamers Solo Midbie 1
Start location: not provided
HINT: Hidden deep within the draconne village is a circle of
      dream worshippers.  Find the hidden entrance and seek
      your inner peace.
Elven Secret Solo Midbie 0-1
Start location: Among the elves (blackavar)
HINT: The elves of blackavar have a secret. Find it.
Feline Puzzle Solo Newbie 0-1
Start location: Catworld
HINT: A puzzle in the feline kingdom is rumored to open up
      for a hermit.
Goodwin's Treasure Party Newbie 0-2
Start location: Goodwin's castle (Blackavar)
HINT: Break the curse in Castle Goodwin and find its
Hefnoin Civic Duties Solo reward, party req. Midbie 10
Start location: none provided
HINT: Talk to the wiseman in Hefnoin; he has a task for you.
Help Breeder Bob Solo Newbie 0-1
Start location: Breeder Bob, in his caves on Everrest
HINT: Find and help Breeder Bob. He seeks to add to his
      collection of exotic creatures.
Help Farmer Joe Solo Newbie 0-2
Start location: Farmer Joe (newbie garden)
HINT: Help Farmer Joe find his most prized posession.
Help Helga Solo Newbie 0-2
Start location: Newbie valley
HINT: Helga, The kind old witch is working on a new magical
      potion in a valley for new adventurers.  Helga needs
      your help in finding the remaining ingredients.
Help Janriella Solo Low/Mid 2 (2 parts)
Start location: A wander ghost, in a forest on Blackavar
HINT: Look to the spirit of Janriella for clues.
Help Miss Cromwell Solo 1 1
Start location: not provided
HINT: Young Miss Cromwell seems to have lost her engagement
      ring, again. Please come to Valmoria and help her find
Light the Lighthouse Lamp Solo any 2
Start location: not provided
HINT: The lighthouse on the north Twin Island is very run
      down and in need of repairs.  You need to light the
      lamp before a passing ship runs into the rocks and
Mischief, machinations, and morals Solo 20 1
Start location: not provided
HINT: A senile cleric needs your help with a ritual. Find him
      in the strangest cave in the lands, collect his
      ritualistic implements, and stand ready to receive a
      reward below your wildest expectations.
Naval Warfare Solo 10 0-2
Start location: Heavely Smiles Hotel
HINT: In the Heavenly Smiles Hotel and Casino, a captain from
      lands forgotten has arrived to challenge players to the
      classic game of Battleship! He prefers to play in
      relative quietness so you may have to seek him out.
Newbie Explore Solo Newbie 2
Start location: not provided
HINT: Receive your Exploration Card from the free equipment
      machine in the Newbie Guild. Look at the card to get
Nuvo City Newbie School Solo Newbie 1
Start location: not provided
HINT: Find Nuvo City near the newbie guild and talk to the
      teacher. Earn your reward by proving your knowledge.
Obsessive Collector Solo Newbie 0-1
Start location: The toy shop, Illium
HINT: 'SnotMarbles' was a game originally played by bored
      imps. It has since evolved into a game which is hours
      of fun for the whole family! Visit the toy shop to
      begin your collection, but beware, this game is highly
      addictive! Be the envy of all your friends and collect
      a full set first!
Peace in the Dig Party Highbie 0-5
Start location: An ancient burial ground (oddworld)
HINT: Down in the dig a horrible war is taking place, find
      the keys to end it.  Beware, this is a dangerous task.
Proof of Royal Lineage Solo Midbie 0-1
Start location: Unknown
HINT: Find a less than honest individual hidden in the sewers
      of a once great city and make use of his services.
read about the 'Fall of RDC' Solo any 0-1
Start location: Illium
HINT: Find the fountain in the cityof Illium and read about
      the 'Fall of RDC'
Rescue Clara Solo > 30 0-2
Start location: A forlorn merchant (Southern Wastes)
HINT: Rescue Clara from necropolis
Retrieve the Shikon Shards Party Highbie 0-15
Start location: A dangerous castle (Everrest)
HINT: The Shikon no Tama, once a beautiful jewel with great
      powers was destroyed and pieces spread all over the
      world. Now Kagome the miko is trying to collect the
      pieces of this powerful gem. Help her in this task and
      if you succeed you shall be rewarded.
Return Clayborn Necklace Solo reward, party req. Highbie 0-20
Start location: The old man (Emerald)
HINT: Someone has lost something very important to them in
      the land of the hag.  Find this person and return the
      missing item.
Satisfy Chilperic Party Highbie 2-20
Start location: Chilperic's Menagerie, on Everrest
HINT: Chilperic the Biomancer needs something, and doesn't
      know it.  Find Chilperic, alert him to his problem, and
      solve it.
Save the Safari Camp Solo Midbie (max lvl 50) 0-3
Start location: Safari Camp on South Twin Islands
HINT: The safari camp is running criticaly low on water &
      they are too scared of the lions to leave the camp and
      find some. Talk to the camp leader on how you can help
      save the camp.
Save Uforia Party Highbie 0-10
Start location: Uforia (Mists)
HINT: An Evil plague has ruined the world of Uforia..  Find
      this evil and destroy it.
Shaman's Staff Party Mid/High 0-1
Start location: The prehistoric cave people of Hyboria.
HINT: The Shaman of the cave people posesses a Staff of
      awesome power, obtain the staff and unravel its secrets
      for a reward.
The Great Green Monkey Heist & other Adventures Solo all 5
Start location: not provided
HINT: Anker, village by the sea, with the recent giant crisis
      firmly behind them, entertains visitors once more...
      Now, however, a greater threat lies beneath, a darker
      secret gnawing away at the very foundation these
      dwellings rest upon. Meet Pirates! Whores! The undead!
      Monkeys! Untangle these mysterious and sinister
      circumstances and rewards will be yours. Fail, and this
      curse may next seek out its next victim in you...
To slay a God Party 75 0-20
Start location: Tarantia
HINT: A route has been discovered to Mordulak's former home,
      where he lies defeated and sealed away by the people he
      enslaved many years ago, before Smaug's interference.
      Gather a party, unseal this route, and find where he
      was locked away, then slay the demigod before he can
      rise to power again!
Unlock the secrets of the Gnolls Solo > 70 4
Start location: not provided
HINT: The magic that creates this race is held secret by the
      Gnolls themselves. Visit them on Dark Caverns and they
      might reveal some secrets.  This magic can only be
      unlocked once every boot.

Last updated: 10 Apr 2020