General Information


Lodestones created by players in the navigators guild require the use of gems when creating a stone.
The type of lodestone created is affected by existing factors (the skill mastery of navigation, etc), as well as the value of the gemstone. The value of a gemstone is determined the stone's size, condition, type, and in some cases, color as well.

Start and unknown lodestones can no longer be created by players. Unknown lodestones can be gotten from other sources, however.

Types of lodestones Lodestone takes you to...
Adventurer Guild Entrance The Adventurer Guild entrance in Illium City.
specific location A random room in the mud, which remains the same for the life of the lodestone.
choice A specific location lodestone, but you choose the location to set the lodestone to.
island (Hyboria, Emerald, etc) To just outside the docks of that island.
random A random room in the mud with every use.
unknown A random room in the mud that you have not explored before with every use.
  Colors: red (worst), orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet (best).
  The better the color the more uses you will get from the lodestone.

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Spellbooks & Rings of Knowledge:

A handful of equipment monsters drop spellbooks and rings that grant the ability to cast a spell as if were studied at 75%.


This ancient tome is covered with many runes of various descriptions.
Their meaning is totally uncomprehensible. However, on the spine of the
book, in plain letters, can be read: "(spellname)".
This armor covers the right hand.
It is constructed from leather.
It weights about 1 pounds.
barkskin clairvoyance condition orbit carrier pigeon
continual darkness continual light create food create nav stone
cure light wounds diagnose distant sell enlarge weapon
estimate worth heal all in mud heavy weight identify
magical void remove scar shrink weapon know alignment
mana drain prayer for mankind remove poison
Rings of Knowledge...

This small, silver ring has a red jewel affixed to it that seems to glow and
glimmer under different lights. Under careful inspection, the following can be
read on the face of the gem: "(spellname)".
This armor covers the finger.
It is constructed from silver.
It weighs about 1 pounds.
Air Shield Barkskin Create Food Darkness
Distant Sell Flame Blade Guild Portal Identify
Light Mist Form

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Equipment condition scale:

Levels of equipment decay and conditions from best condition to worst. *Repair/Pyro

    Current condition    Max condition
    Mint                 Brand new
    Near-mint            Good as new
    Excellent            Seen some use
    Great                Well repaired
    Good                 Patched a few times
    Scratched            Heavily used
   *Heavily scratched   *Hastily repaired
    Battered             Heavily decayed
    Damaged              Nearly worn out
    Heavily damaged      Almost ruined
    About to break       Defective
    Broken               Broken

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Hunger scale:

Levels of hunger from completely full (100%) to least full (0%). Hunger affects a player's ability to regen.


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Alignment scale:

From 'help alignment', these are the alignment types in order from the most good align to most evil align.

    God Like
    Holy man
    Slightly Good
    Slightly Evil
    Very Evil

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Armor Class scale:

Armor classes in order from least to most protection.


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Statistics scale:

See: 'help stats' for more info

    str - strength
    dex - dexterity
    con - constitution
    sta - stamina
    int - intelligence
    wis - wisdom
    cha - charisma

    hpr - hit point regeneration
    spr - spell point regeneration
    epr - endurance point regeneration

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Damage scale:

Damage types in order from least to most damage.

    Almost nothing
    Extremely low
    Very low
    Under average
    Above average
    Very high
    Extremely high

Damage types:

    acid - acid
    asph - asphyxiation
    cold - cold
    elec - electric
    fire - fire
    holy - holy
    mag  - magical
    phys - physical
    pois - poison
    psi  - psionic
    unho - unholy

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Effects messages:

Messages given when something affects a statistic or resistance type.

    Stat          Increase message                      Decrease message
    -----------  -------------------------------------  --------------------------------
    str           You feel stronger.                    You feel weaker.
    dex           You feel agile.                       You feel slower.
    con           Your muscles swell.                   Your muscles shrink.
    sta           You feel more endurant.               You feel a bit drained.
    int           Your brain feels like a sponge.       You are a little confused.
    wis           You feel witty.                       You feel less witty.
    cha           You feel more charismatic.            You seem less of a leader.

    hpr           Your heart beats an extra beat.       Your heart skips a beat.
    spr           Your brain pulses.                    Your brain slows down.
    epr           You feel refreshed.                   You feel tired.
    height        Your body grows.                      Your body shrinks.
    weight        You feel heavier than air.            You feel lighter than air.
    infravision   You no longer require light to see.   You require light to see.

    Resistance    Increase message                      Decrease message
    ------------  ------------------------------------  --------------------------------
    acid          Your skin becomes resistant.          Your skin becomes less resistant.
    asphyxiation  Your throat clears.                   Your throat clogs back up.
    cold          You feel warm.                        You feel less resist to cold.
    electric      You feel less conductive.             You feel more conductive.
    fire          You feel cool.                        You feel less resistant to fire.
    holy          You feel closer to the good gods.     You feel further from the good gods.
    magic         You feel arcane power.                You feel a loss of arcane power.
    physical      You feel resistant.                   You feel less resistant.
    poison        You feel your internals strengthen.   You feel your internals weaken.
    psionic       You feel your brain structure align.  You feel your brain lose focus.
    shadow        You feel less afraid of the dark.     You feel more afraid of the dark.
    unholy        You feel closer to the evil gods.     You feel further from the evil gods.

    full hps      You feel fully healed.
    full sps      Your body glows with magical energy.
    full eps      You feel refreshed.

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