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Guild Trees

On December 22nd, 2004, the guild structure received a bit of an overhaul. While most of the changes are transparent, the biggest change is that the old alpha guilds are gone.

While guild info can be gotten by either of the below links, you may run into some errors until the IoM site is updated to reflect the changes in guilds. There are two different ways of viewing the Guild Trees on the Islands of Myth website.
I am providing links to both methods.

Method A
This version is manually updated and has a search option for a specific guild. Guilds are displayed as if you were using the 'guildtree' command in the mud.

Method B
This version is automatically updated from the mud. Simply click on one of the five alphas to view the guild tree. Guilds are displayed in an actual tree format so that requirements from one level of guild to the next are more easily seen.

Guild equipment list: here